39 year old turning 40 in 39 weeks.....a roundup of nostalgia and aspirations as well as some observations on the countdown

6 months to go

22nd June 2011 Stardate 64976.5

It was the shortest day of the year yesterday and the actual 6 month marker to the ‘big day’. Ewww that sounded a bit like I was counting down toward matrimony obligations. No, its still going to be a 40th and a fat no to the latter, societal ties are to be avoided in my opinion.

Mmmm so relationships have been a focus of late, paternal, friendship, former love partnerships. I’ve been disappointed that my father can’t forge a relationship with me, I’ve terminated a longtime friendship and I’m currently spending time with two ex-boyfriends. I have a new friend (Virgo) who thinks that we (Aquarians) are the worst at letting our ex’s go. She may be right but then I’ve never really had any of those dramatic relationship breakups other people seem to have. The relationships have just terminated really because I’ve personally (mentally or emotionally) moved on. It’s not their fault, its just that I’m consistently evolving and frequently grow out of situations and people. It’s not that I love or care any less but I’m no longer as concerned with the lesson of the relationship. Anyway digressing, there is no love lost just love that has transcended to another place. Most people don’t understand that love/hate are inextricably linked really.

So other new things on the horizon. My short film had its first outing and like a proud parent I wet its head and quietly couldn’t believe that I’d actually made something that had my name on it that may make its way into the public conciousness. I’m less concerned of what people think about it than the fact that I can (a bit like Ubu) go “I made this!”.

Right now I’m also terribly in love with Moby’s new album “Destroyed”. It evokes in me inspiration, sadness, nostalgia and a weird sense of connection to the world. Today as I listened, I took the train and admired the hustle/bustle of those around me straining desperately to get in/out of the door on the hope that they just might add a minute to their day if they moved faster. What they missed in their haste was the beautiful hue of the morning sun shining in between tunnel crossings. I crossed a bridge over the harbour and again between weaving cycles and humans really saw the energy in the water beneath me. I had a soundtrack to the ‘little things’ today and it took my breath away. People really do walk around ‘blind’.

Soon I think I should do a slice of nostalgia and list some of my earliest memories. Reason being, I was in conversation with a new found acquaintance (through business dealings) who was going back to one of my childhood towns to visit his family and I mentioned some of my own wonderful memories of the place. He was astounded that I could recall such things when his first memory was at about age 6. I can remember back to when I was just under 2 (in Australia) and perched on a window sill watching a goanna eating my cat’s kittens. Having learnt in the last few days that dementia is fast becoming the leading killer (surpassing bowel and breast cancers) in this country these thoughts had a strange resonance. I cherish my memories (even at what is considered such a young age) and feel that the power to reminisce is both a strange comfort and a wonderful blessing.

So…6 months to go…perhaps now is when I should have a little bet with myself how many of these posts I shall accomplish! We’ll see peeps….we’ll see.

What happens when you look up Trumpeting…and yes I was looking for a certain trumpet (and that doesn’t sound any better)

Extended technique

Contemporary music for the trumpet makes wide uses of extended trumpet techniques.

Flutter tonguing: The trumpeter rolls the tip of the tongue to produce a ‘growling like’ tone. It is achieved as if one were rolling an R in the Spanish language. This technique is widely employed by composers like Berio and Stockhausen.

Growling: While playing a note, clinching the back of the throat to partially obstruct the air, preventing it from flowing evenly. This creates a gargling sound, thus making a ‘growling’ sound from the bell. Utilized by many jazz players, not to be confused with flutter tonguing, where the tongue is 100% responsible for creating the sound desired.

Double tonguing: The player articulates using the syllables ta-ka ta-ka ta-ka

Triple tonguing: The same as double tonguing, but with the syllables ta-ta-ka ta-ta-ka ta-ta-ka.

Doodle tongue: The trumpeter tongues as if saying the word doodle. This is a very faint tonguing similar in sound to a valve tremolo.

Glissando: Trumpeters can slide between notes by depressing the valve halfway or changing the lip tension. Modern repertoire makes extensive use of this technique.

Vibrato: It is often regulated in contemporary repertoire through specific notation. Composers can call for everything from fast, slow or no vibrato to actual rhythmic patterns played with vibrato.

Pedal tone: Composers have written for two and a half octaves below the low F#, which is at the bottom of the standard range. Extreme low pedals are produced by slipping the lower lip out of the mouthpiece. The technique was pioneered by Bohumir Kryl.[13]

Microtones: Composers such as Scelsi and Stockhausen have made wide use of the trumpet’s ability to play microtonally. Some instruments are adapted with a 4th valve which allows for a quarter-tone step between each note.

Mute belt: Karlheinz Stockhausen pioneered the use of a mute belt, worn around the player’s waist, to enable rapid mute changes during pieces. The belt allows the performer to make faster and quieter mute changes, as well as enabling the performer to move around the stage.

Valve tremolo: Many notes on the trumpet can be played in several different valve combinations. By alternating between valve combinations on the same note, a tremolo effect can be created. Berio makes extended use of this technique in his Sequenza X.

Noises: By hissing, clicking, or breathing through the instrument, the trumpet can be made to resonate in ways that do not sound at all like a trumpet. Noises sound a 1/2 step higher than they are notated,[citation needed] and often require amplification to be heard.

Preparation: Composers have called for the trumpet to be played under water, or with certain slides removed. It is increasingly common for all sorts of preparations to be requested of a trumpeter. Extreme preparations involve alternate constructions, such as double bells and extra valves.

Singing: Composers such as Robert Erickson and Mark-Anthony Turnage have called for trumpeters to sing during the course of a piece, often while playing. It is possible to create a multiphonic effect by singing and playing different notes simultaneously.

Double buzz: Trumpeters can produce more than one tone simultaneously by vibrating the two lips at different speeds. The interval produced is usually an octave or a fifth.

Lip Trill or Shake: By rapidly varying lip tension, but not changing the depressed valves, the pitch varies quickly between adjacent harmonics. These are usually done, and more straight-forward to execute, in the upper register.

The Brooklyn Bridge as mentioned in my previous post

The Brooklyn Bridge as mentioned in my previous post

Errrr am a bit late on week 2

So hey Campers, hi de ho!

Stardate: -311638.40357052255

I slashed my ability to keep a promise in the previous post so good job you’re not married to me. I had a wild time in the US that’s about the bare minimum I can express it as. Wild. I LOVE that. I love adventures. I think I am the Steve Irwin of humankind.

So ‘back to me’. Back to work (p/t for big production company here) and trying to juggle

a) post on my film to submission for a great US festival

b) pre-production on a trailer for a comedy TV series I’m producing

c) meeting all my existing client demands; and

d) working for the man (i.e the p/t gig I have at the mo)

I think I had a ‘third world’ former self. Nothing makes me feel more alive or energised than ‘work’. Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

Anyway back to the shite that matters (to me only of course) I had some amazing moments in my trip but my highlights are:-

a) Afternoon Nap in Central Park

b) Brooklyn Bridge @ Dawn

c) Tattoo in Austin, Texas

There’s so much I did/felt/saw/osmosed on this trip that well its a separate post with pics. Promise.

Wow. I did it. I Tumblrd.

Got two new sayings for y’all (i.e. all two are reading this)

Musebrite - musician who has transitioned fame into celebrity of ill repute and wrong.com(ness) i.e. Adam Levine (f**ks everything right?)

Uno Attack - the need to pee urgently. They use no. 2’s like a Xmas Catalogue I’m weighing in.

253 days until I’m 40.

Make it So.


Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born - Anais Nin

Once Upon A Time

Day 273 Stardate 64811 

There was a girl called Kylie, an Aquarian, who grew up in many small towns around New Zealand although she had in fact been born in Newcastle, Australia. This girl has essentially morphed into a woman of 39 years of age who resides in Sydney, Australia however at this particular juncture is now sitting on an American Airlines flight half way between San Francisco and New York City and officially beginning the countdown to her 40th Birthday on Saturday 21st January 2012.

Some may say why not chart ones journey on a consistent basis? Well yes I would like to but time and inclination have a lot to do with that. I barely keep up with Facebook and as I tweet/blog as part of my job additional time to write about myself on a constant basis is just not a) time efficient b) down on the list of priorities.

The reason I’m charting this particular passage of time, is that I’m actually quite excited about the fact that I’ll be turning ‘of age’ and deep down feel that it will essentially be a new and exciting chapter of my life so would like to put it somewhere that I don’t lose. And although I don’t aspire to motherhood where a legacy will be imminent,  I shall bequeath this parcel of words as some sort of legacy to my friends (if they outlive me) and my sister’s children (Sean, Jack, Lily & Hezekiah) who if I had anything ever to leave to anyone, they’re it. They might even think its ‘cool’.

So….I’m currently on holiday so its as good as time as any to dedicate to setting up my ‘vlog’. So the aforesaid holiday is a 12 day journey via San Francisco/NYC to Austin, Texas. This is all due to my bestie, Marie, and she will of course feature heavily in the coming weeks. We’re off to Psych Fest in Austin, which is an indie music festival to which Marie is terribly partial to and I’m the lucky beeyatch who gets to go too.

We arrived in San Francisco yesterday morning after a 15 hour flight which we proceeded to nail quite a few mini bottles of red wine. Indeed the head count under my seat was 8 upon embarking. I’d like to thank James our Qantas steward for being so gracious as to park a couple extra on our food tray when he was filling out our requests.

We spent our one night in San Fran at Hotel des Arts (we had the Kelly Tunstall room) which is border Financial District/Chinatown (in fact the gate to China town was just on the corner). We spent the afternoon pottering around Haight Street where I encouraged Marie to bash her credit card severely at Bettie Page

I myself grabbed a couple of David & Goliah tshirts in preparation for the Festival (which of course you’ll see in my posts at the end of this week). Later than evening we headed to the Mission district to meet Marie’s friend, Will, and get in some Tex Mex at Panchos (and my favourite Dos Equis beers) before we stopped off at Phoenix to have more beers and erratic conversation (erratic due to the fact that two of us were over tired and the beer didn’t assist on making the conversation high brow to any degree).

Getting to bed at 1.30am and up again at 6.30am to get to the airport you’d think I’d be sleeping on the plane right now but no, sleep has its own bloody ideas today. I’ve got exactly 1.5 hours to be ‘on’ again when we disembark at JFK transfer to our apartment in Lower Eastside and then we are heading off to a gig in Williamsburg and well yes, you guessed it more beers - a destination I don’t ever despise travelling to of course.

I have not been to NYC since October 2005 so I’m looking forward to exploring a new neighbourhood, seeing some old friends and fitting in a couple of touristy moments. Oh and shops….me likey the shops.

Watch this space.